Today I’ve been really noticing my wedding rings.

I’ve been wearing these rings constantly for 9 months — and the one for 4 months longer than that — yet I haven’t noticed them this much since the very beginning of the engagement. The diamond catches the light as I read, blow dry my hair, or sit talking to a friend, and my eyes are drawn to it. And I think it’s a sparkling reminder to me of my marriage — its beauty, its constancy.

Marriage is hard and frustrating some days, and I think God’s using my rings to remind me to cherish it, to cherish my husband, because we are committed for life. It’s not something I can push aside or ignore or give up on. It is constantly there, for 13 months and counting…for the rest of our lives! It’s not just an accessory; it’s life. It’s part of me. He is part of me.

I will fight for this, for the good and health of our marriage.

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