Shout-Out to Daddy, the man who set the standard for me. Every little girl’s hero is her daddy… or at least, in an ideal world, he should be. And I was definitely a Daddy’s girl!

Thank you for setting the bar high and showing me that a good man is humble, respectful, kind, and hardworking. Your steadiness was a safe place to grow up. The gentle way you treated your wife and four daughters set an example for the sort of husbands we would all look for, and that should make you proud.

The father-daughter relationship is a vital and life-shaping one, and you’ve done it well. Thanks for handling our fragile and sometimes-dramatic hearts like a gentleman.



Challenge for readers:
In the comments below, give a shout-out to your dad, or another important father-figure in your life. Then, in a note, a text, or face-to-face, tell him how important he is in your life!

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