Shout-Out to Leslie and Rachel, the two who helped me survive my first-ever week of camp counseling.

It started at Counselor Orientation; we were in a cabin together, and our whole cabin group was such an encouragement to me. Up to that point in life, I had never sat and had a deep, spiritual conversation with someone I barely knew. That aspect of the training week was a huge life milestone for me.

Then came my first week of counseling a cabin — and boy, that cabin was a handful! I was unprepared for what I encountered, and a lot of tears were shed that week. The two of you were lifesavers, encouragers, uplifters. You left notes on my bunk and gave hugs when I was weak.

Thank you for helping me power through that difficult week, because that was the beginning of God calling me into full-time camp ministry. You made a lasting difference I will always appreciate.


Challenge to readers: 
Who was a friend who helped you through something challenging, just by being there and being an encouragement? Let them know their support was appreciated!

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