Shout-Out to ‘Mama Kim’ for your example of hospitality. Each Monday night, a loud group of young adults piled into your living room, energetic and hungry, and you never failed to feed us well. As your husband led our Bible study, your role was in the kitchen, preparing loads of delicious food for us.

It’s evident that cooking, serving, and being hospitable are your God-given gifts, and we – that group of college kids – were so grateful you shared that with us. But beyond that, your example inspired me to want to be hospitable like that with my own home. Whether it’s a gang of kids for a Bible study, or simply our own group of friends, I always want to be able to open my doors, my arms, and my oven to make people feel welcome. Thanks for that inspiration.


Challenge to readers:
Give a shout-out to someone who always makes you feel extra-welcomed and loved in their home. 

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