Shout-Out to Lisa — coworker, friend, professional compliment-er!

You taught me just as much as Alan did about camp ministry and management, as you and I worked side by side in the camp office. You, like he did, believed in me and gave me jobs that were opportunities for stretching and growth. On top of that, you were also a dear friend I enjoyed sharing work and life – and lots of laughs! – with.

But one of the things that made the biggest impact was the way you poured out praise and encouragement. You were never stingy with your compliments – as many of us tend to be – and I often saw you make someone’s day because of it. From me designing a new camp brochure, to Ben cleaning the bunkhouse, to the cashier at Kroger, whoever it was, you’re quick to bring a smile to faces with your generous encouragement. And I was impressed to want to do the same!


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