Shout-Out to her.

The her of all the sad and angry lamenting love songs… the I’m-jealous-of-her, I-hate-her, why-can’t-I-be-her, what-does-he-see-in-her… yeah, that girl.

A shout-out to you, because you stole his heart when I wanted it, but it wasn’t meant for me. You caused me heartache, but you saved me from it, too. That no led me to a bigger and better yes, down the road, and though it crushed me at the time, in hindsight, I can be grateful he loved you instead.

And because the loneliness I felt watching him with you — well, it drove me a little crazy, but it also drove me to my knees to beg God for contentment and patience. I may have spent hours crying over him and wishing he’d never met you. I may or may not have wanted to smash your car at one point. { come on, we all know these situations lead us to crazy thoughts! } But at the same time, the place of prayer and surrender I had to come to — not just once, but every day — was good for me. God was teaching me and growing me through that season of heartbreak.

So, as bitter as it was at the time, I have to say thank you!


{ NOTE: This shout-out applies to more than one her. I can think of 3 different girls this applies to, off the top of my head, but there are probably more! }


Challenge to readers:
Can you appreciate now someone who caused you heartache in the past, such as the girl your crush liked instead? Share in the comments! 



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