Shout-Out to Mama – you had a huge role in shaping who I am today. One thing specifically comes to mind, one important aspect of how you raised me up that still has great impact in my daily life.

Thank you for teaching me to memorize Scripture. It wasn’t always my favorite thing as a child and young teen, but as an adult, I’m forever grateful to have The Word hidden in my heart, thanks to the many hours of sitting around the kitchen table, quoting the passages phrase-by-phrase, verse-by-verse. Even now, on those days when I don’t know what to read, what to pray, what to even think, I find my mind returning to those old familiar Scriptures that still roll easily off my tongue — Psalm 23. Psalm 139. Romans 12. Colossians 3. 1 John 1.

What a vital lesson to have learned in childhood; what life-giving words to carry into adulthood. Thanks for this priceless gift, Mama.


Challenge to readers:
In the comments below, give a shout-out to your mom, or another mother-figure in your life. Tell us the difference she made in your life! Then reach out to her with a note, text, or in person, and tell her what she means to you. 

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