Shout-Out to Brett, my handsome, long-awaited husband.

There are two seasons of my life: before you, and with you. Both seasons have been rich in blessings, adventures, grief, and laughter… but I’d way rather be experiencing all of that with you than without.

Waiting for you challenged my faith, grew my patience, and taught me to find my satisfaction in the Lord. You took 27 long years to come to me, and there were many of those waiting days that were heart-wrenchingly lonely. But God always has purpose in our waiting seasons, and I’m so thankful He was keeping my heart safe for you.

And marriage! What an adventure. Life with you is so fun, and I’m always learning something new — whether a skill or fact you teach me, a life lesson we learn together by experience, or some hidden thing about my own personality that marriage illuminates. You’ve given me fresh perspectives on God by loving me in a Christlike way and by living out a Christ-focused life in front of me.

You’ve changed my life in all the best possible ways, and I love you for that and a million other reasons.

Photo Credit: David Payne Photography

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