Shout-Out to Granny, the great-grandparent I got to know the longest. I loved your hairdresser chair, your cuckoo clock, your fancy couch, and your stories of growing up during the Great Depression. But I think what I’m most grateful for from you is your gift of cooking.

The love of cooking skipped a couple of generations in our family line, but I’m thankful to share that with you. That means finally mastering your famous chicken-and-dumplings, of course, but also the love of the craft – the enjoyment of creating a homemade meal, of trying new recipes as well as old favorites, of serving something warm and welcoming and delicious when people come into my home.

When people ask me if I like cooking, I always smile and tell them about you – your gorgeous chocolate pies, your insistence on a “fat butt chicken” for your dumplings, your colorful vinyl chairs around the kitchen table. Thanks for all the meals and for unknowingly passing along a passion.


Challenge to readers:
Have a grandparent or other relative who has passed along a skill or passion to you? Tell us about it in the comments below, then be sure to let them know how much you appreciate their legacy! 

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