Shout-Out to Cyndy, the missionary who introduced me to Kenya. I’ll bet you never expected that your slideshow presentation to a Wednesday night church class of 4th grade girls would birth – in one of those girls – a life calling and passion for missions. But it did. I went home that night and told my parents that I wanted to be a missionary in Africa, and that wasn’t a passing whim. It remained, and it grew, until about fourteen years later when it culminated in me joining you on a plane, bound for a month in Kenya – a land I hadn’t seen but already loved.

That trip was life-shaking, and the next one was incredible, too. What an impact on my heart and on my worldview… to see poverty, to hug orphans, to meet face-to-face the sisters I only knew through years of handwritten letters.

Thanks for being obedient to the ministry God placed you in, and for being faithful in such small things as sharing a slideshow with a class of little girls. Maybe some weren’t paying attention… but I was.


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