When it comes to loss, we all grieve in unique ways. Grief in itself is a process, a journey, and it has no definitive ending point.

Losing a baby or a child is a special kind of grief, one that can’t be understood until it’s experienced. And while the mourning process is still unique to each person and couple, it truly helps to know you’re not alone in it.

Lauren and the team at I Am Fruitful have developed a really amazing project especially for this group of people – parents who have lost a baby, either inside or outside the womb.


They have created an adult coloring book for miscarriage and infant loss. The I Am Fruitful website explains,

It won’t heal them or make everything better– however, it will provide them with a simple and beautiful tool that will aid in their healing. It will show them that others are thinking of them and care for them. It will allow them a way of expressing their grief while meditating on the Word of God and filling their mind with uplifting things.

If you’ve lost a child, maybe you’ll want to get one of these books for yourself, as a tool in your journey of grief and healing. If you have a family member or friend who is going through the loss of a baby, you might consider buying one of these books as a small, thoughtful gift to encourage them. I’m sure it would mean the world to them.

The “Joy Comes in the Morning” coloring book is $8.99 and is currently available at IamFruitful.org/products/joy 


Note: I’m not an affiliate or receiving any compensation for this post! I just thought it was such a creative, thoughtful project and wanted to share. 

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