Hello dear friends.
I’ve been musing on the idea of Sabbath for a couple of days.


For us, during this busy camp ministry season, we don’t get much rest time, so the few Sabbath moments we do get are craved and precious.

Yesterday, Brett brought up a question I’ve never considered before. He pointed out that of course, we desire rest and “a day off” – that’s natural. But what if, even deeper than that, the craving for rest is a prompting of the Holy Spirit?

The Lord created and ordained the Sabbath as a holy day, a day to rest from one’s work. He Himself set the standard and exemplified that rest. My husband’s question was this:

Since Sabbath is in the heart of God, does the Spirit of God within us still urge believers toward that pattern?

Could our craving for a day of rest be more than just a tired mind and worn out body needing a break? Could it actually be our Savior calling us to follow His example of resting and renewing?

Oh, how He loves us.


One thought on “A Holy Prompting to Rest

  1. In my humble opinion, I think he is calling you to rest. You are serving him with your work and working long days. Your body needs rest to continue your work for him.
    Love y’all!

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