Hey girls!

It might still be a month-and-a-half until October, but I’m already thinking about the Write 31 Days challenge and what my topic will be. So I need a little help from you!

The Write 31 Days challenge means I get to choose ONE TOPIC to write about for the whole month of October. One subject, thirty-one blog posts. The question is, of course, what should I choose? I want to write on something that you – my lovely readers – will be interested in, something that will keep you coming back throughout the month of October to read the whole series.

In the poll below, I’ve listed several topics that I’m considering. Would you do me a quick favor, and let me know which one you’d be most interested in? Or if you have a great idea that’s not listed below, that you’d just love to read 31 posts on, let me know if the comments!

Also, if you’re a blogger and interested in participating in the challenge, visit the Write 31 Days website to sign up!

Which topic would you be most interested in reading 31 short posts on?

Journaling (including excerpts from my journals and possibly writing prompts for yours)
People who have blessed or influenced me in the course of my life
Our personal dating/engagement story
Desires of a woman’s heart (things almost all women long for)
A daily Bible reading plan for ‘the waiting heart’

My IQ Test