Today I did a new thing.

I went out to my back yard with a gallon-size plastic bucket, and I filled it with wild rose hips. Then I made rose hip juice… and eventually will make a little bit of jelly, too.


It’s fascinating, and truly beautiful, in a way, to go out and harvest something edible from the earth. Honestly, I think it’s one of the instincts of human nature – the hunt for food. I’ve seen it a lot since moving to Alaska. We have so many wild edibles here, and while in this age and culture we don’t rely on those for our source of nourishment, still, it’s fun – adventurous, in a way – to gather and eat what’s growing wild.

So I braved the thorns, the wet leaves, and the teeny-tiny spiders, to gather as many of these little beauties as I could… ready to try something new.


To me, harvesting like this makes me feel connected to the world around me – the world that God has caused to bring forth fruit like wild strawberries and rhubarb and bright red rose hips. It feels pure, the experience of taking what God has offered, straight from the earth, and putting in right into my mouth. Like a moment of worship, I felt connected to Him through His creation. I’m thankful for the bounty.


PS: Did you know that a cup of rose hips has about 10 times as much Vitamin C as one orange?!

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