On the flip side of connection with people is time alone. And while even us introverts at times need connection, I would venture to say that even extroverts occasionally need time alone.

(Yep, I just Googled it. It comes up on every website labeled “Myths About Extroverts” – yes, they need alone time, too. Who knew? ūüôā )

My point is, whatever our personality, and despite our need to be connected to the people in our lives, we all also crave time and space to ourselves Рspace to rest, recharge, and refocus. Time to discern our own thoughts and to hear God speak. 

What this looks like can be as unique as we ourselves are! Maybe your space to get away looks like a cozy chair in your bedroom, or the garden in your back yard. It might be a bench by the fountain at the city park, a treadmill at the gym, or the corner table in your favorite coffee shop. Maybe you get away for alone time by driving a winding country road with your windows down, or settling quietly on the sofa after all the kids are in bed.


Your alone time might be for physical rest or for soul rest. It might be for unwinding and relaxing; it might be for challenging yourself. Maybe you spend it reading, or creating, or praying, or watching movies, or exercising, or adventuring.

The important thing is that it’s actual time and an actual place… to step away from life’s cacophony, to breathe deeply, to fill up your metaphorical cup, to connect with God.

And we must allow each other the freedom to do this, because the truth it, you and I both need it.

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