Dear friends,
I’ve neglected the blog a bit lately, but I truly hope each of you had a full, beautiful, and laughter-filled holiday season! For me it went by too fast — I feel like I just put up my tree and now it’s time to take it down. But I love the Christmas season and all it entails.

To hold onto a bit of the holiday magic, today I thought I’d share a few of my Christmas favorites from this year. Then you can share yours with me in the comments! Okay?

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1. Favorite Music

  • JJ Heller’s Christmas albums. We discovered these last year, but JJ is still a favorite around our house. Her song Christmastime cracks me up and is one we can all relate to (no offense to my beloved family of course 🙂 )


  • Andy Williams. Always and forever.
  • I listened to a lot of K-Love, Air1, and Pandora for my Christmas music this year – so just whatever was playing!


2. Favorite Foods

  • A friend made us a loaf of chai tea bread and it’s incredible. I’m going to have to ask for her recipe!
  • I was asked to bring a veggie side dish for Christmas dinner, and made these carrots, except only used half the amount of honey called for. Even my sister in law who dislikes carrots said she enjoyed them!
  • Christmas Eve dinner was just my husband and me. I made breaded halibut and rice, served with a lemon butter sauce. I’ve been trying for years to copy Dorman’s lemon sauce and I think I finally succeeded!! I used this recipe with a few modifications.


3. Favorite Gifts

It’s hard to choose favorites because each gift was great and thoughtful, but here are a few I especially loved:

Screenshot (30).png

  • James – Mercy Triumphs, by Beth Moore. It has been several years since I’ve done one of Beth Moore’s Bible studies, and I’m so excited to dig deep into the Word with this one.
  • This soft yellow pillow from Ikea. Oh my word. I love it so much.
  • Hope Renewed shirt from In Due Time. This was the theme from the Moms in the Making conference I attended this past fall. Check out the In Due Time blog for more information on the Moms in the Making online support group!
  • This green dress WITH POCKETS. I already had a brown one in the same style, and it’s so comfy and easy to wear, I had to ask for another one!


4. Favorite Traditions

  • Opening one gift on Christmas Eve — even if it’s just me and hubby!
  • Hanging all our Christmas cards on the pantry door. I love displaying all the cards we get from our beautiful friends and family and looking at them all season!
  • Christmas Eve dinner with Brett’s brother and sister-in-law, and our nieces and nephew. Sometimes friends are there to join in, too. Some years we are with our parents and other family, but the last 2 Christmases have been with this crew.
  • Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas. It never gets old!
  • Buying one new tree ornament each year. This is a tradition my mom started with my sisters and me when we were young, and I’ve continued it into adulthood.


Thanks for letting me share my holiday favorites! I’d love if you share some of yours in the comments below. What was your favorite music, food, gift, or tradition from this year?


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