I’m going to go ahead and give you a strong hint to what tomorrow’s post topic will be when I say this… but I felt the order of longings was relevant here as we explore what we, as girls, need from our men.

Somewhere between romance and a husband, a woman needs to know commitment.

While putting the diamond on her finger, planning the wedding, showing up at the church, and saying “I do” are certainly signs of commitment, she usually wants to experience evidence of his commitment before she’s willing to accept that diamond with a “yes.”

She needs to know that he loves her, like he loves no one else in this world.

She needs to be able to have full trust in his faithfulness to her.

She needs to feel that he completely accepts her, faults and all, and will stick around through her good seasons and bad seasons.

She needs to know that he has hope and excitement for their future together, just like she does.

She needs to believe that when he says “till death do us part,” he will mean it.

The tricky part is, none of this is tangible. Sure, a proposal and engagement ring are visible evidence, but his question and her yes (or vice versa) bloom out of the trust, confidence, love, and commitment that have been growing for the months leading up to that moment. Between and alongside the romance, before the marriage, a girl needs to be assured of his commitment, to her and to their relationship.

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