Hello friends! I wanted to tell y’all about a fantastic little book I read this past week.

Yes, you heard me right – I read a whole book in less than a week. Me, myself, who takes literally months to read a book.

Let me show you how small it is:


See? Easy read. Now you know how I read it in about 3 days. So moving on… let me tell you what it’s about and what I learned from it.

(Psst: Read all the way to the bottom, and I’m giving away a copy!! 🙂 )

The book is called Continuous Revival by Norman Grubb. The author writes based on his experiences in Africa, where he saw God doing great things…well…continuous revival! The book isn’t really so much about the experience or specifics of what happened in Africa, but more about the choices, changes, and spiritual disciplines that led to revival taking place.

There were two things I really appreciated about this book:

  1. The definition of revival. I think in our Western culture, we often consider revival to be an event, a special occasion, something visibly miraculous, an emotionally moving experience with God. Norman Grubb describes revival as “the reviving of dead areas in our lives… [it] is an everyday affair…to be experienced each day in our hearts, homes, churches, and fields of service.” 
  2. It’s really easy to read. Not long-winded, not wordy, not full of a bunch of Christian-ese jargon that you have to read three times to understand, like some authors I’ve read recently {cough paul tripp cough}. It’s simple and straightforward, even while sharing profound Scriptural truths.


Mr. Grubb describes several steps or disciplines that need to be present in our lives to experience continuous revival:
Walking with Jesus
Cups Running Over
Conviction, Confession, & Cleansing
Giving Testimony
Mutual Exhortation

He really takes the concept of revival from this great, indescribable event that we can only hope for… to a constant way of life that we can pursue. I love that. 

I’ll finish this little review by sharing with you a quote from the book that really spoke to me. This is something I’m really seeking to grow in in my life.

“We can liken a man to a house. It has a roof and walls. So also man in his fallen state has a roof on top of his sins, coming between him and God, and he also has walls up, between him and his neighbor. But at salvation, when broken at the cross, not only does the roof come off through faith in Christ, but the walls fall down flat…
Brokenness is two-way, and that means walls kept down as well as roof off. Openness before man is the genuine proof of sincerity before God.”

Excerpt from chapter 2 of Continuous Revival by Norman Grubb

Okay, let’s give one of these little treasures away, shall we?!

To enter the Giveaway:

  1. Send this post to a friend who you think would appreciate or be interested in it. You can email the link, or send it to them via social media, your choice.
  2. Leave a comment below and tell me how many friends you shared it with. You’ll get an entry into the drawing per friend!

Giveaway will close this Friday the 24th at 5pm Alaska time (for you East-Coasters, that’s 9pm for you). Be sure to leave some type of contact info so I can get in touch with you if you win! 🙂


Contest Closed! If you’d like to purchase this book, you can do so here:

Continuous Revival: The Secret of Victorious Living   (note: affiliate link)

4 thoughts on “Continuous Revival {Giveaway}

  1. Sent to five of our adults class. I asked them to check out your blog and enter and if one of us wins maybe we can share the book. Our pastor has been preaching on revival and this is very much along the lines of his teaching. Thank you so much for your words and encouragement! Love in Christ

  2. I shared it with 4 friends who have been getting together and praying for a revival.

  3. I have often thought of revival as more than an event or a camp-meeting preaching service, because I wanted to see it as more of a continual process. I like that you described it like this and appreciate that you shared such an inspiring read with us. It looks like a worthwhile investment and I all about adding more books to the stack of ‘waiting-to-read’ list. 🙂


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