Do you remember the days of building forts with all your mom’s extra sheets and blankets, and camping out in there all day?

I did this for my niece and nephew when I was babysitting them the other day. It was so simple. I pulled a couple of extra sheets out of the linen closet, threw them over the kitchen table, and voila, a tent! They were thrilled and never wanted to leave.

Ah, childhood.

Well, here’s a totally simple and very inexpensive date night idea for you and your beloved… revisit your childhood and build a blanket fort!

Date Night Idea #1: Build a Fort

What You’ll Need:
A few extra sheets and blankets
Some clothespins or other clips
Christmas lights are a bonus 🙂 

                            image source

First, decide where you want to build your fort. It could be in your bedroom, or be adventurous and take it to the living room! Use clothespins, clips, or heavy objects (like books) to secure your sheets and blankets into a tent big enough for the two of you (I think my hubby somehow used bungee cords on our tent…if your honey has a building/engineering mind like mine does, this is a fun project for him). 


Another option is to pull a mattress or sleeping bags into your tent and spend the night in there! This can be a really fun change from your normal routine.

Now you have your fun, unique setting, so what you do in your tent is up to you. Bring in your laptop and watch a movie while cuddling, play a card game, have snacks and your favorite drink, stay up late, talk, make out…. you get the picture 🙂

What do you think? Would this be a fun date night for you and your husband?
I think we might be due another blanket fort campout soon…. 😉

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