In this series of posts, I’ve been sharing some of our favorite, affordable date night ideas. in case you missed them, the first two ideas were:

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Today’s idea is simple: go out to breakfast! 


For most of us, when we think of going on a date with our significant other, we think of going out to dinner — maybe dinner and a movie. Dinner is great, but it can get expensive. An appetizer, a nice meal, add on the salad bar, drinks, dessert…. the dollars add up fast.

Breakfast, much of the time, can be a bit of a cheaper option. Not to mention, it’s just something different than the usual.

There is a range of choices here, depending on you and your beloved’s breakfast preferences, how much you want to spend, whether or not you’re a coffee connoiseur, etc.

You could take your first meal of the day together at a fancy restaurant with gourmet pancakes, scones, and mimosas,

at a Waffle House with a delicious truck-stop breakfast and simple black coffee,

or at a locally-owned coffee shop with espresso and giant muffins.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a morning person, it can really be fun to wake up and start your day together with your man. Maybe on most days you shovel down breakfast and rush off to work, or one of you eats breakfast and the other doesn’t, or your schedules just don’t mesh that way. The opportunity to begin the morning sharing a meal together can be great!

What do you think? Does a breakfast date sound fun to you?

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