Ladies, don’t you love date nights? I do! Even though my hubby and I don’t have kids yet and we both primarily work from home… so some would say we have “date night” every night… you and I both know how everyday life is. It’s both busy and monotonous at times, right? So, even if we do have dinner together most nights, it’s still a special occasion when my husband and I decide to intentionally have a date night.

I think it’s important for our marriage, even at this early stage when it’s just the two of us. We need that special time together to set work aside, have fun, and be a little romantic.

So I thought it would be fun — for my fellow wives and wives-to-be — to share a few of our favorite date ideas! I will go ahead and tell you that we are, for all practical purposes, broke! 🙂 So naturally, these date night ideas will mostly rank at free or cheap on the price range! That’s okay with you, right? Okay.

Stay tuned, then, because over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing our favorite dates!

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