Ladies, I really hope I did better on my November goals than my October ones. Remember how I kinda crashed-and-burned on keeping any of my goals in October? That was embarrassing. Anyway, let’s review the anticipations set for November, see how it went, and then set some fresh goals! Are you with me?

Here are my goals from last month:

1. Memorize at least one Scripture verse with my husband.
Well, we’re not there yet, y’all. I’ll be honest: some days we remember to do our devotions together; some days we don’t, and we haven’t been diligent to add Scripture memorization to that yet. Eventually we will make it happen! 

2. Write two new blog posts per week on Be Still Waiting Heart, and update the personal blog twice.
With the exception of the week we were in California, this was fairly successful this month! Yay! The personal blog only got one update, though. 

3. Can and freeze food.
Good news! I made a big batch of chicken noodle soup for dinner one night, and froze the leftovers along with a bunch of broth to use in cooking and such. Here’s photographic proof:


(Notice my dear husband’s famous cup in the background. He has adorned it with stickers, washes it only a few times a year, and takes it with him almost everywhere he goes.)

I think that soup is the only thing I froze/canned this month. We were also given about 36 jars of canned salmon by a friend this past week! What a blessing! 

4. Finish reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker.
Done. All but the final “conclusion” chapter, which I anticipate finishing tonight. Gosh, has this book turned me upside down. 

5. Earn some income from selling items online.
Unsuccessful, but not for lack of trying! I posted several items for sale online, but had no takers. I’ll definitely keep trying on this one!

6. Start getting regular exercise.
Let’s just say, this is going back on my goal list for December. I think I did yoga twice, went on 2 or 3 walks, and went clamming one time (trust me, that’s a workout). Better than nothing, but I can do better! 

7. Make a habit of meal-planning. 
This is going well! It makes life so much easier to know in advance what meals we’re eating all week. 


Time for some fresh ambitions for the coming month (which we’re already 4 days into – can you believe it?). December seems to me like it will be really short, as we leave town in less than 3 weeks to go spend Christmas with family. Nevertheless, here’s what I’m setting my sights on for the weeks ahead:

1. Two new blog posts per week on Be Still Waiting Heart, and update the personal blog twice.

Again, keeping this goal consistent.

2. Read 1 of the 2 books I’m supposed to read in preparation for missionary training.

Those two books are The God Ask and Viewpoints. Disclaimer: I haven’t even cracked open either of them yet, so I can’t recommend or not recommend them at this point. Also, with all the traveling we’re doing between now and the training in mid-January (and I get carsick reading in the car), I only anticipate getting through one of them, not both. We’ll see!

3. Complete projects I need to do for missionary training.

This includes our budget for 2016, a PowerPoint presentation, and completing some assigned Bible studies.

4. Get regular exercise.

Let’s say twice a week for now – starting small. Again, this will likely be yoga or walking.

I think I’ll keep it at that for this month, since we have a lot going on in the coming weeks. Y’all keep me accountable, okay?

What goals are you setting? 


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