Last night at chapel service with the other camp staff (summer staff orientation is happening this week), the speaker talked about the story of “blind Bartimaeus.”

Interesting, isn’t it, how we tag him that way? He’s got a label – not just Bartimaeus, but Blind Bartimaeus.

It makes me pause a bit and wonder how I label myself, how we label each other. What’s that defining characteristic?

Anyway, as I went home after chapel, there was one phrase that kept echoing in my head, a part of the narrative the speaker had given:

“He threw himself at Jesus.” 

He did, didn’t he? Bartimaeus was bold, audacious, loud. He knew what he wanted and he wouldn’t leave Jesus alone about it.

This simple statement was convicting to me. I asked myself, “Why am I not throwing myself at Jesus? Why is my faith not reckless, bold, courageous, and ridiculous?” 

Lord, help my unbelief. I don’t want to be afraid to pour out my soul to Jesus, to grab hold of Him and plead for my heart’s desires, to pray audacious prayers and live with big faith.

I personally think Bartimaeus should have a different label. His blindness wasn’t his most memorable characteristic – it was simply a tool God used for His glory. The quality of Bartimaeus to really remember and learn from is his bold faith in the Son of God.

I want that to characterize my life, too.

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