I recently shared a few money-saving tips that I used for planning our first anniversary trip. The trip was last week, and girls, it was so wonderful! Hubby and I don’t have children yet, so it wasn’t that we needed a vacation to “get away” from kids or a crazy-busy lifestyle…. but still, it was so refreshing to go somewhere different for a few days. The change of scenery and pace, the warm weather and sunshine, experiencing new places and things together, and no pressure to get work done (since we both work from home quite a bit) – all of these made the week totally eIMG_1685njoyable, fun, and rejuvenating.
My point is, even if you’ve only been married a year and you don’t have kids yet, I highly recommend taking a vacation together. It was so great, both for myself and for our marriage.

You may have seen my previous post about ways to save money on flights, hotels, and rental cars. Now that we’re home, I have a few more money-saving ideas to share as you consider planning your own just-the-two-of-you trip!

  • Try having 2 meals a day.

While on our vacation, we slept in late, so we ended up having a late breakfast (10 or 11 o’ clock). Because of this, we were able to keep ourselves to two big meals per day and just a snack for the third meal. For example, one day we had a big breakfast around 10:30, coffee and a muffin for lunch around 1:30 or 2, and a normal dinner in the evening. Another day, we ate a good breakfast around 11:00, a heavy lunch at 3:00, and just shared an appetizer for dinner around 8:30. It saves a few dollars to go light on one of the meals.

  • Go thrift shopping for your cute clothes!

IMG_1508I really wanted a cute new dress to wear out to dinner one night on our anniversary trip, but a $30+ dress was not in the budget! I’d kind of half-heartedly browsed around Amazon.com looking for something inexpensive, but buying clothes online makes me nervous because half the time they don’t fit! So I was shopping at the local thrift store one day, and decided to check the dresses just in case. To my surprise, there was an adorable little dress, in perfect condition, exactly my size, for $5.00!! Now I’m not saying you’ll always be this lucky at the thrift shop, but it’s worth a try!

  • Ask for gift cards, and save your change.

For about 3 months prior to our trip, I kept a mason jar on our dresser labeled “California Cash.” We faithfully deposited any spare coins and dollar bills we found in our pockets or wallets. If you did this for more time, I’m sure you could save up quite a bit of cash! In addition, a family member gave us a $100 Visa gift card as an anniversary gift. We used the gift card and our saved cash to pay for a lot of our food and snacks while traveling, and that was a huge help! If you have a birthday, anniversary, or other event soon before your trip, it’s a great idea to ask for generic gift cards.

  • Tell people it’s your anniversary!

Well, only if it really is, of course! 🙂 I’m not one to fish for freebies, but at a few restaurants or other places we visited, we came across employees who asked whether we were celebrating any special occasion. If they asked, we told them we were celebrating our first anniversary, and we got a couple of freebies because of it!


Are you planning a special trip with your honey anytime soon? Do you have any other money-saving travel tips? 

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