Today I’m really thankful that God “gets me.”

You know what I mean?

I don’t have to put on a show or a happy face for Him. No need to pretend. He can see through my facades anyway, so it’s not worth trying to force it.

He gets me. He gets when prayer is hard or I don’t have much of anything nice to say. He gets when I’m not in the mindset to do my “scheduled” reading but instead just need to sit and journal my thoughts to Him. He gets when my emotions don’t match what I know is true, and I’m struggling to trust.

And the beautiful thing is, He’s not at all interested in my masked prayers or obligatory Bible reading. He wants me. My heart and soul. My frustrated scribbly journal prayers. My eager future plans jotted across a notebook and laid at His feet. My questions and ugly cries. My time to sit down and engage in Bible study when I’m ready to receive the encouragement and conviction it offers. My dance parties in the kitchen when I’m full of joy for no particular reason.  My breaths of relief and gratitude for a friend who understands. My admission of my true feelings to Him. That’s what He wants… not my good-christian-checking-off-the-boxes show.

He gets me. And I’m finding that when I grasp that, and live out my relationship in light of that, I feel so free and He feels so near. Because our relationship is built on truth instead of obligation. If I am real with Him, I am open to Him being real with me.

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