This month for First Friday Favorites, I want to show you some creative, decorative things I’ve done in my home recently that I just LOVE. I’m not much of a decorator nor a crafter, unfortunately. But these are simple things that just make me smile when I look at them. Which, in my opinion, are the things we should have in our homes – things that we enjoy and that make us smile!

1. Christmas lights in the window


I put these up at Christmas, and I just haven’t been able to bring myself to take them down. Especially since, here in Alaska, it gets dark so early in the day this time of year – the twinkle lights provide some extra light and give our living room a cozy glow. I plug them in as soon as it gets dark each afternoon!

2. Our new bedspread


When we first got married and lived in Tennessee for a few months, we used my old comforter from my teenage girl bedroom. In our little apartment out at camp, we use a lovely quilt made by Brett’s grandma. But in our town apartment, we’ve just been using a random collection of mismatched blankets on our bed. So with Amazon gift cards I got for Christmas, we purchased our first new bed covering as a married couple. And I.LOVE.IT.


3. World map tshirt wall hanging


This amazing world map design was on a tshirt my parents sent me a few years ago. The shirt was a bit too small, so I only wore it a handful of times, but I loved the design so much I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it. Recently – thanks to Pinterest inspiration – I completed this easy project: cut the tshirt down to the right size, wrap in around a wooden board, staple in place with a staple gun, and hang it on the wall!


4. Photo book from our first anniversary trip

photo book

I’m gonna be honest, y’all  –  I loved our first anniversary trip even more than our honeymoon. We took a 4-day trip to central California, and it was amazing. We had so much fun! Shutterfly was recently running a great deal on photo books, so I took advantage of the opportunity and created this little book to commemorate a fabulous trip.


Your turn! What are some favorite things you have in your home?

One thought on “First Friday Favorites #2 – Homey Decor Things

  1. I love them all! The comforter is so pretty. And, I’m wishing I could see the photos in your album. ? That was a great idea for the shirt.

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