Yes, this is a blog post about bras.

*insert blushing face*

But seriously, we all wear them and everybody knows it, so it’s okay to talk about it, right? Today I want to tell you about my new favorite!!


Introducing…. the Coobie Bra. It’s a wireless, SUPER comfortable, pull-over-your-head bra with removable pads.

For me, it all started with an online contest. Fun fact about me: I’m slightly addicted to entering contests, drawings, sweepstakes, and the like to try to win free stuff. {Last week, I entered to win a St Patrick’s Day trip to Ireland, no big deal.}

Anyway, despite all the contests I enter, I rarely win anything. So of course, I was elated when I got an email telling me I had won a free bra from Coobie! I was even more excited when it fit me perfectly and was the most comfortable bra I had ever worn.

Seriously. I’ve worn it almost exclusively ever since it came in the mail.

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Last week, I decided it was time to order a couple more of them. When you find a comfy bra, you stick with it; am I right?! This time I ordered gray and tan, but they come in sooo many different colors and designs!

These come in various styles, as well. The two I bought (see photo above) are the “Strappy Scoopneck” and the “Strappy V-Neck with Lace Trim.” They also come in “Comfort,” “Lace Coverage,” and more. And there are only two size options – they call them One Size and Full Size, which is a bit confusing, but basically One Size is the smaller one and Full Size is the larger. Since they’re stretchy and they pull on like a sports bra, it’s not as complicated to size these as it is normal bras.


So there you go – my new favorite bra! Now don’t you want to try one too?



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