I just woke up that morning feeling discouraged.

I felt lonely after moving from town out to camp for the summer.

I felt isolated from my husband because he was working so much.

I wanted my body to do things right for a change, but thanks to PCOS, that doesn’t happen often.

I just felt frustrated and discouraged.

So while driving on some errands that afternoon, I asked God, Please, somehow, remind me of Your love and care for me. 

It was a long drive back home, and it was raining, but about halfway there, the sun bravely peeked its face through the rain clouds, and suddenly, there was brilliant, blinding sunshine right alongside the pouring rain.

It was beautiful.


When I was almost home, just easing the truck slowly over the bumps and potholes of my long driveway, I rounded a corner and there, straight ahead, was a rainbow.

A full rainbow.

And because of where I was – in the middle of the long, bumpy drive into camp property – I was the only one around. The only one seeing this beauty.

It was just for me. It was God’s answer to my desperate prayer for a reminder of His care.

Joy bubbled up and over. I laughed. I marveled. I thanked Him.

Friends, He never stops being good and He never stops loving you, no matter how discouraging a day, week, or year you’ve had. Let this rainbow be a reminder of that.

rainbow cropped

Has God ever given you a tangible reminder of His love? Share in the comments! 

3 thoughts on “My Reminder

  1. Ashley, Thanks so much for sharing your information concerning PCOS. I have not heard of this
    condition before. I am sorry to hear that you and Brett are facing this challenge in your lives. You are blessed to know the Lord and to walk with Him and trust Him together. I have appreciated your including me as a friend on Facebook and it has been a blessing getting to know you. I have observed your Christlike attitude and positive outlook on all of life as I’ve followed your posts and have come to the conclusion that you truly deserve Brett as your husband. What a “lucky guy” he is!! As an observant great aunt of Brett’s, when he grew to be a man, I thought of him as someone who would definitely be a “keeper” for some gal one day. That day came. When we received your wedding invitation my first thought was…. “lucky gal”!! I am thankful to God for giving you that beautiful rainbow as an answer to your prayer, a wonderful reminder of His care for you!! We serve an amazing God!! I also have received a tangible reminder of God’s care for me. It was the day after we had received the news that my Mom was dying of cancer. I would have been depressed and in tears, probably lying in a fetal position most of the day, had it not been for God’s hand on me. He had me “bouncing off the walls full of joy” the whole day for no reason except His indescribable gift of love and care for me. He also gave me two songs to fill my heart with courage and comfort over the next 6 weeks till Mom went to be with Him…”?Blessed Be Your Name?”, by Tree63; and “?Walking Her Home?”, by Mark Schultz ( this song is an identical example of my Mom and Dad’s relationship) Dad was able to be with Mom every day in hospice. I had not heard either of these songs until the day Mom was diagnosed and they came up on the radio during my hour drive to the hospital. I purchased the one on my iPhone and the other on a CD and played them every day on my drive to and from hospice. My mom loved hearing “Walking Her Home”! You and Brett as well as the camp will be in our prayers!! Sharon

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