As promised, here I am returning to take a look at my October goals and give an honest update on how I did.  Yikes. I’m a bit nervous about this!

Then, after re-hashing this past month’s goals, let’s move on to setting some fresh ambitions for the coming month!

Here are my October goals and how I did:

1. Write two new blog posts per week on Be Still Waiting Heart.
This was *sort of* successful. I think I wrote two posts only one of the weeks, but managed at least one post per week. For me, that’s progress! 

2. Update my personal blog (for family and friends) twice during October.
Oops. I only updated the personal blog once. Sorry, family and friends. 

3. Start gaining a little income from the affiliate links and rebate programs I’m using.
Though I haven’t received any more actual money from these yet, I’m slowly collecting rebates and points in my accounts. I should have a decent check coming from Ebates next month!

4. Settle into our new apartment.
Done! It’s all cleaned and settled. The only thing we’re lacking is pictures on the big, blank walls 🙂 

5. Memorize one Scripture verse per week with my husband.
Epic fail. That’s all I can say.

6. Start canning food.
Not yet. But I do have plans to make and can some chicken soup sometime in the next day or two! Does that count?

Alright, y’all, so I didn’t do so great on October’s goals. In my defense, I did move to a new house this month! Here’s hoping — and committing — to do better in November. And with that, I give you…

Goals for November

goal nov

1. Memorize at least one Scripture verse with my husband.
If we can’t manage one a week yet, we should at least be able to do one in a month!

2. Write two new blog posts per week on Be Still Waiting Heart, and update the personal blog twice.
Same as last month.

3. Can and freeze food.
I’m making plans for canning and/or freezing soup, pasta sauce, fish, chicken, and chimichangas (hubby’s request 🙂 ). My goal is to have some quick “freezer meals” that are actually healthy and homemade, not store-bought.

4. Finish reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker.
This is a re-read for me, as I read it several years ago. But y’all, it’s rocking my world just as much the second time around! I want to finish it this month. Then maybe I’ll share my thoughts on it here.

5. Earn some income from selling items online.

Some old books and some unused clothes are waiting to go to new homes for a few bucks each!

6. Start getting regular exercise.
For me, this is probably going to consist of walking, yoga, and/or Wii Just Dance 🙂 I find it so hard to get motivated to work out, but I know I’ll be healthier and feel better if I do.

7. Make a habit of meal-planning. 
This is something we’ve just started doing, and I think it’s working well so far. I want to make an ongoing habit.

meal plan

That’s a doable list, right? Let’s hope so. I think I’m going to write them down and post them on my refrigerator. And hey, if you read this, and you happen to see or talk to me sometime this month, please feel free to ask me how I’m doing on my November goals. It’ll help keep me motivated.

Are you setting any specific goals for this month? 

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