Goals are healthy, right?

I’ve had and still have a lot of goals in life. Don’t we all?! But I’ve found that sometimes our ambitions aren’t realistic or achievable until you break them down into timelines and even specific action steps. So I might have a goal to build up this blog with lots of posts and make it a real ministry… but that’s very ambiguous until I put specifics to it, like “write posts per week” and “invite a guest writer for next month.” Know what I mean?

That being said, one ambition I’m setting is to write out monthly goals and share them here on the blog. At the end of the month, I’ll report back on how I did! I’m hoping to make these challenging enough that I have to stay focused and work at them, but simple enough that they are actually doable.

What do you think? Would you like to join me in setting a few achievable monthly goals?

I’m excited to see how much more I accomplish with these aspirations in writing!

Here are my goals for October:

  1. Write two new blog posts per week on Be Still Waiting Heart.
    • And share them on Facebook and Pinterest.
  2. Update my personal blog (for family and friends) twice during October.
    • Just to keep them updated on our life!
  3. Start gaining a little income from the affiliate links and rebate programs I’m using.
  4. Settle into our new apartment.
    • Lots of cleaning, finding furniture, and unpacking and organizing all our stuff.
  5. Memorize one Scripture verse per week with my husband.
    • We started this last month, but we’ve only done one verse so far. Oops.
  6. Start canning food. 
    • I’m excited to put our new pressure cooker to use and make lots of homemade canned goods! We tried it for the first time last week (6 jars of fresh coho salmon) and it seemed to go pretty well. Now I want to can everything!

Sooo I’ll let you know at the end of the month how I did on these goals. What about you? Will you join me on the journey and set a few goals for October?

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