Sometimes God is so poetic in the way He works. I love this about Him. We see the turns of events, the reversals of destiny, and the seeming dance of details that He lines up so artistically, and realize there is a sense of order in our messy lives. There are fleeting moments when we think, this should be part of a novel, of a movie, of someone else’s story. We feel as though we are watching from the outside as something profound unfolds.

But it is your life. It is my life. It is God, creating this poetic twist just to let us know that He’s there, working in the midst of the mess, creating an amazing story.

One of my very favorite Scriptures is Psalm 126:5 – “Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy.” DSC_0114 with caption

There’s an artistic reversal for you! Imagine a farmer or a gardener, scattering seed across the ground, pushing those tiny dry seeds down into the soil, and watering them with heartbroken tears from his own eyes. Longing for the harvest, yet feeling hopeless. But then the sprouts come up. The fields grow. And by the time of the harvest, there is such joy in that farmer’s heart that he can’t stop smiling and singing as he brings in the fruit from the fields.

This verse is precious to me because I’ve seen it come true in my own life. God gave me this verse when I was sowing with tears, and now I stand on the other side of the reversal, amazed at how He has blessed me.

I’m here to tell you, whatever your circumstance, God is there in the details and He’s crafting your beautiful story. It probably won’t look like you expect it to. Mine certainly looks different – and more wonderful – than what I prayed for.

But watch for the “wow moments.” Look for the reversals of destiny. Notice the poetry in the details.

God is working.

“The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
Indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.”  Psalm 16:6


Note: The phrase “reversal of destiny” comes from Beth Moore’s book Esther: It’s Tough Being a Woman (affiliate link). 

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  1. Beautifully written and expressed! I am waiting and watching. Thank you for the reminder.

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