Girls, let’s admit it… we all wanted to be the princess, didn’t we?

As we grew up watching Cinderella, Snow White, and Belle; when we read the stories of Pride & Prejudice or Anne of Green Gables…. didn’t most of us dream of being the girl in such in a story? The princess? The heroine?

Of course, there were some little girls who preferred to play the pirate or the whimsical sidekick or the fairy godmother. But if you watch little ones at their pretend play, it’s rare to find a girl who doesn’t want to be the main lady in the story.

The beautiful one.

The one who sings the song.

The one who gets swept off her feet.

Isn’t it interesting that the term “princess” is often an affectionate nickname, used by fathers to daughters or by boyfriends to girlfriends? There’s even a devotional book – that I remember reading as a child – that is made up of “Dear Princess” letters from God to girls. When we were dating, my now-husband often called me Princess, and I loved it. It’s a name with so much meaning tied up to it in our minds, that can instantly make us feel special, beautiful, and worthy.

I think the desire to be the princess embodies several of the other longings we’ll touch on later… the desires for beauty, romance, and being part of a bigger story.

What do you think?

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