Children are constantly growing – physically, mentally, and emotionally. The amount of material we learn in the years of our childhood is astounding, from learning how to crawl, how to ingest food, and how to comprehend and speak an entire language, to learning long division and world history and how to recover from a broken heart.

After all the growing and becoming we experience from birth to age eighteen, why would we stop at adulthood?


To remain stagnant is contrary to the life God has called us to. His Word instructs us to walk by faith, to run the race marked out for us, to press toward the goal, to work out our salvation, to seek His Kingdom, to offer ourselves as living sacrifices. These are all active words, not stationary. Even when the Bible commands to rest in the Lord and wait for Him, there may be stillness…but not idleness. Even in resting and waiting, we are growing, learning, becoming.

I think we are naturally and spiritually inclined toward this becoming. It’s why we teach ourselves to knit, or decide to take a yoga class, or try out a new a recipe. It’s why we take the leap and take a new job that’s a stretch for us. It’s why we join Bible study groups and volunteer to teach Sunday school. Because, consciously or subconsciously, we recognize that it is good to challenge ourselves, stretch our limits, learn something new, grow as a person, and become… a better, stronger version of the woman God has made us to be. 

If this is in your soul – how will you step out, reach forward, and move toward becoming?

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