Hey sweet readers! I just thought you should know that Dayspring.com has some sweet promotions going on for Valentine’s Day cards right now!

Yes, Valentine’s Day…. I know how we all dread it…. but February 14th is less than a month away. I’m not a huge fan of the holiday myself, even as a wife, but I always think it’s a great opportunity to share a little extra love with family and friends. It’s especially a good day to reach out to single friends or people who have lost someone recently – someone who might feel a bit lonely on the 14th.

So back to the sale! If you’re looking to spread a little love next month, I encourage you to visit Dayspring and grab some cards to mail out! (everybody loves snail mail!)

I just ordered some of these cute cards for only $1.99 :

Screenshot (27).png

They also have some Charlie Brown ones that I was really tempted by because I completely LOVE Charlie Brown…. but I valiantly resisted 🙂

And here’s the best part: there’s an exclusive coupon code that I get to offer to YOU as a Dayspring Affiliate!! (don’t worry, being an affiliate just means I get a small commission if you order through my link. no extra cost to you!) 

Enter the code 25FORYOU at checkout for 25% off your purchase AND free shipping! Isn’t that sweet?! Thanks Dayspring!

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