It’s time for “What I Learned” yet again! Joining Emily’s link party, I’ll share a few things I learned this month. Then you can comment and tell me what YOU learned this month! Okay?

November in Juneau is kinda gross.

I didn’t know this before I moved to Alaska earlier this year.
Do you know what snow + rain + snow + rain = ? It equals mud and slush, that’s what.
Also, it’s a big brain adjustment when the sun goes down at 3 in the afternoon (if it comes out at all)! I wondered why I kept finding myself wanting to go to bed mid-afternoon, and then realized it was because of the early darkness. I think I’m finally getting used to it, but it’s quite different than the 20 hours of sunshine we have in the summer.

However, those rare days when it snows AND the sun comes out….


I’m learning to eat – and enjoy – an anti-inflammatory diet.

Anti-inflammatory diet = eliminating or minimizing gluten, dairy, and sugar. My doctor has encouraged me to try eating this way, so I’ve been on this for the last couple of weeks.

I won’t say it’s easy, and I won’t say I like it. But we’re making the adjustment (dear hubby is SO supportive, and tells me he’s going to stop eating cheese since I can’t have it anymore..what a guy). And I’m gradually learning to embrace and enjoy it. If changing what I eat makes me feel more healthy, I’m for it! I just miss cheese and yogurt…

If you don’t own a cooling rack, you can use the bottom of your dish drying rack:


Your turn! What have you learned lately?

One thought on “What I Learned in November

  1. Hi! I’m visiting from Emily’s – I love her monthly look back. I’m a Seattle area gal, so we get rain, more rain, mud, then, rain. And, oddly, I like it. I’m definantly a NW gal. Being transplanted would be challenging – perhaps it’s a good reminder, this is not our true home. I hope your Christmas is sweet and you find home right where you are! Blessings!

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