Friends, it’s October, which means it’s time for the annual Write31Days ! Bloggers all over the world will be taking part in this challenge to write a blog post EVERY day this month on ONE overarching topic.

A few weeks ago, I posted a poll on the Be Still Waiting Heart Facebook page, asking what topic readers would like me to write on this month. The winning response, and my chosen subject for Write31Days…

30 People Who Changed My Life

This will be a series of appreciation posts, shout-outs to individuals who have blessed or influenced me in some significant, life-shaping way. I can tell you I’m already having fun with it, just making the list and starting the first few posts. God has put some amazing people in my path over the last 31 years! I can’t wait to tell you about some of them.

I invite you to go ahead and bookmark this page and/or subscribe to Be Still Waiting Heart, so you can find the new posts each day.

Hopefully, along the way, you’ll be inspired — to express thanks to someone who has blessed you, and to be the kind of person who breathes life into the people around you. Here we go!

(Day 1: Introduction)
Day 2: Daddy
Day 3: Mama
Day 4: Aunt Lara
Day 5: Granny
Day 6: My Grandparents
Day 7: Miss Elizabeth
Day 8: My Ballet Heroine
Day 9: The Kenya Missionary
Day 10: My Sisters
Day 11: My First Real Friend
Day 12: The Mean Girls
Day 13: Penny
Day 14: Pastor Jeff
Day 15: Youth Group Welcomers
Day 16: Camp Friends
Day 17: Miss Fran
Day 18: A Man Who Prayed
Day 19: ‘Mama Kim’
Day 20: My Campers
Day 21: Sweet Ruth
Day 22: Jenny
Day 23: Bible Study Girls
Day 24: ‘Charleston Friends’
Day 25: The Boss
Day 26: Lisa the Encourager
Day 27: The Girl He Loved Instead
Day 28: That One Guy
Day 29: Camp Friends, Round 2
Day 30: My Husband
Day 31: My Support System

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