Shout-Out to my sisters: Briana, Marissa, Daniella – the three girls I grew up with, the three I share more memories and inside jokes with than anyone else in the world! I bring you in later to this in-order-of-appearance series because, though one of you was in my life from almost the beginning, two of you came a bit later… and my world got ten times better when you did!

We grew up like the story of Little Women, complete with silly fights, bedroom sleepovers, teasing about someone’s latest crush, and dramatic performances in elaborate costumes. It was magical, and I wouldn’t change growing up as four little women for anything in the world. “Big sister” is part of my identity, and the three of you own a lot of space in my heart.

Thanks for 28 years of sisterhood, and bright shiny memories I’ll never forget!


Challenge to readers:
Shout-out to your siblings in the comments below! Be sure to tell them how much you love them and appreciate the life you’ve shared.  

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