Shout-Out to Penny, the first adult friend who treated me like an adult. I was a young teenager in a very small church, the only girl my own age and uncomfortably stuck between the kids and the grown-ups. Feeling too old and mature to be with the children, and seen by the adults as a “sweet young lady” but not yet old enough to be accepted into their circles, I was always feeling out of place, and that made church kinda rough.

You were the one adult in church who reached out to me, not as one of the kids, but as a friend. You were willing to listen to me share my heart, to give advice, and even to share with me what the Lord was teaching you. You treated me like a real, grown-up friend, and I appreciated that more than you know. Thanks for your acceptance, friendship, and investment into my life.


Challenge to readers:
Who was someone who helped you make the transition from childhood to adulthood, someone who kindly welcomed you into growing up? 

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