Shout-Out to Bethany and Candace: two girls who welcomed a misfit teen homeschooler into youth group with open arms. I’m ever so grateful!

After growing up in a small home church where most of the kids were younger than me and at least half were homeschooled, I was quite nervous about attending a youth group for the first time. I was seventeen, sheltered from the world, and had no idea how to dress stylishly.

The two of you were the first people I met. You were so friendly, invited me to join your Sunday School small group, introduced me to others, and it wasn’t just a welcoming committee thing – you continued to be my friends for weeks and months after that. As I met more people and figured out how to fit into the group, it was so nice to have familiar friends around whom I’d known from the start. Thank you for opening your arms and heart to welcome me in as a friend.


Challenge to readers:
Was there ever someone who made you feel welcome somewhere you felt out-of-place? It makes a big difference! Today, reach out and let them know their kindness was appreciated. 

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