Shout-Out to the girls who stretched my faith and my comfort zone, further than I knew they could be stretched. The girls who asked me hard questions, who shared with me the deep heartaches you’d experienced in your young lives, who expressed a love for learning the Word of God, and who I told to “get your shoes on; it’s time to go” approximately twelve times a day.

My campers, you were all precious to me, and I was grateful for the chance to {hopefully} positively influence and pour some love into each one of your lives.

It was a growing experience, for sure. I was still learning who God is and what I believe; still figuring out the person I was becoming. And to be entrusted with your young, searching hearts for five days of camp was a huge responsibility and honor. So yes, you stretched me further than I’d been stretched before. You made me a leader. You made me want to be a better Christ-follower. You made me laugh my head off and you made me search God’s Word for answers. You, collectively, changed my life.


Challenge to readers:
Have you had a leadership opportunity that changed your life? How did those you led have an impact on you? 

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