Shout-Out to Jenny: While you lived, you made everyone’s world a little brighter, and when you died, you made us realize the value of a life lived well, no matter how long.

Though we had fallen out of touch in the last couple of years before your accident, you were still a friend who was much like a little sister. Our childhood sleepovers, birthday parties, and conversations about life, love, and growing up – sweet memories. As a friend a few years older, it was a privilege to share my experiences and advice when you asked for it.

But your biggest impact on me came at your funeral. You had really grown, in those last couple of years, into a kindhearted person who truly loved the people around you. Testimony after testimony shared how you had loved them well, brightened their day, changed their life, with your sunny smile, welcoming nature, and genuine friendship. You made such a difference for so many, in such simple ways, and by that, you made me want to live and love better.

I still sprinkle touches of yellow, your favorite color, throughout my wardrobe and my home, as a reminder – be bright and loving for others, like Jenny was.

to love and be loved


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