Shout-Out to Sherri and the rest of the Bible study girls! { y’all know who you are }

Wow — you ladies, our friendships, and our season of studying the Word together were so impactful. I marveled, looking back, because just a couple months before our group came into being, I had written a prayer in my journal, telling God I wanted to pursue knowing Him better. When I’d written it, I had felt like I was embarking on a new journey spiritually…. and as it turned out, I was, and you girls were a huge part of the answer to that prayer! Soon after, I was invited into this new, kinda grassroots Bible study group, experiencing God and learning new depths of His Word every week.

One of the things that stands out in my memory is the vulnerable openness many of you had. I hadn’t experienced much of that before, and certainly hadn’t yet learned to be that way myself { I’m still learning! } . But it was amazing to me, how painfully honest and open each of you were with your hearts and your prayers. Thank you for that.

And thanks for that season in the Word and fellowship together. It was beautiful!


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