Shout-Out to that one guy I met at that conference that one time. I don’t even really remember your name, but I think you were from Canada…? Anyway, we chatted briefly and sat at the same table at lunch that one day, and it was pleasant.

The important thing is what you looked like, because the next day, I saw I guy who I thought was you, so I smiled and said “hey.” As it turned out, it wasn’t you. But it was your look-alike… who happened to be the guy who would end up recruiting me to go work at a camp in Alaska!

And at that camp in Alaska, I met my husband, and we are going on year #6 on staff there, so I think it’s safe to say: what you looked like changed my life. High fives, Canadian guy.


Challenge to readers:
Has someone changed your life in a domino-effect kind of way? Tell us about it in the comments! 

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