Shout-Out to the girls who welcomed me in, became my not-just-camp-friends-but-also-lifelong-friends, and made my first year at Echo Ranch wonderful and memorable…. and the subsequent ones pretty great, too!

To Courtney, who texted me nonstop for months before I came to Alaska, making me feel like I already had a friend when I arrived, and who I’ve spent probably hours texting, laughing, and crying with since then.

To Myriah, who became an instant friend, promptly told me what I could and couldn’t wear on my first day at camp, and has kept me laughing ever since.


To Chelsea, who didn’t want to be here at first, but I had the privilege of watching God change your mind; who became one of my best friends and then, in a fairy-tale-ish turn of events, became my sister-in-law.

To Reagan and Erin: though we haven’t done great at keeping in touch since camp, you two were vital in my life that first summer, as well! Thanks for modeling Jesus to me so well.

I’m grateful to each one of you ladies for all the memories made and friendships built in our years together, first at camp, and then beyond!

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