Shout-Out to my online girls, my support community, my sisterhood. In all the one in four or one in ten statistics, we are the “ones.”

As we walk the road of miscarriage, a hormonal disorder, and fertility struggles, I’m so grateful to have friends to walk beside who truly understand. Y’all have been a lifesaver on this journey, but even more, you’ve been a highlight of the journey! I thank God for the sweet blessing of friendships that grow out of walking a hard season together.

I haven’t met most of you face-to-face, yet we talk about very personal details of our lives, sharing joys and sorrows, hopes and fears. I can count on you to have a listening ear, speak a word of encouragement, remind me to smile, and pray for me. You are the ones who “get” me, because you’re right where I am.

Thanks for sharing your lives with me in this season.


10 thoughts on “30 People, Day 31: My Support System

  1. So glad we got to share a moment during MITM, and say goodbye at the airport in Oregon… praying for you always 💛 You

  2. Finding community is such a Godsend when facing this heartache – or any other trial. Glad you are plugged in and receiving/giving support.

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