Remember that thing about how girls want to be the princess?

Well, every princess needs her hero, right? Naturally.

Some of you independent ladies are going to object to this, I know. It can easily be taken as a stereotype- a weak woman who needs a hero to rescue her. You don’t buy it. You are your own person and you don’t need a man, much less a hero.

I hear you. But if you would, hear me for a minute, too. knight-and-fair-maiden

I absolutely agree that we as women are strong, capable individuals, beautifully unique in our own skin, not fragile damsels in distress. We don’t need to be “rescued” from life by a man, and we don’t need a man to complete our identity. But we do need men. 

Think of our childhood stories: Cinderella is snatched from a life of poverty by marrying her hero, the prince. Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are both saved from eternal sleep by the kiss of their heroes. Even Belle – headstrong, independent Belle – is rescued from her restlessness and discontent by finding a soulmate she can do life with.

These stories we grew up with weren’t attempting to confine and stereotype us. They were picturing the already-present longing of our hearts for a hero. 

I did a Google-search for reasons an independent woman still needs a man, and came up with a couple of interesting quotes:

But when you do need him, he is there. You do, and you will. As much as you’d like to think that you’ve got it all – and, most of the time you do – there are those moments when nothing in the world will better a situation like your man will. (source)

Men are also natural problem-solvers and can give good advice and a fresh perspective that the female brain can’t always see. (source)

We are still fragile human beings, and compassion is what we really need in our deepest, emotional moments. We like our men…manly enough to make us feel protected. (source)

So whether you consider yourself an “independent woman” or you acknowledge your desire for a guy to be the strong one in your life… I would venture to say that somewhere inside your heart is a need for a hero. And it doesn’t have to mean a boyfriend or husband, either. That hero might come in the form of your daddy, your big brother, or a close friend.

Ultimately, our desire for a hero is telling of our spiritual need for a Savior, to rescue us from sin and death. And that’s a universal need.

But at the end of the day, a princess – no matter how strong – needs her hero.

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