Today, I just want to give a big shout-out to nurses everywhere. You guys are amazing.

A few days ago, I underwent a minor outpatient surgery, and in a stressful, painful day, the nurses at my side were the highlight. Beforehand, they were easygoing and knowledgeable, helped calm my nerves and even kept me smiling. In the operating room – before they knocked me out – the team of them worked like a well-oiled machine, super organized, all the while bantering back and forth with each other to keep the mood light.

And in the very-not-fun-process of waking up from anesthesia, my one recovery room nurse was the constant by my side. Her gentle voice and bedside manner kept me calm and reassured, and she was very attentive to everything from when I needed my pain meds increased, to my weird requests like My hand is cold, can I put it under the blanket? I was so grateful for her!

So thank you, nurses, for being amazing and dealing with us at our worst. You have a hard job, but you’re so appreciated. Keep rocking it!

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