Okay, so I can’t honestly say that every woman wants to travel, because I simply don’t think it’s true. Many girls are very content to stay close to home and live a quiet life. The mere thought of flying on an airplane or living overseas gives them shivers. No thank you, I’ll keep my adventures here in my home state.

But other girls – like me – we’re thirsty for excitement, for newness, for change; the adventurous spirit in us is alive and well; we itch to see the other side of the globe, to connect the dots of a bigger picture; to experience life outside our own little world.

In the last ten years, I’ve had opportunities to go to Guatemala a few times, to Kenya twice, spend 10 days tent-camping in Romania, fly across the country alone to see the West Coast for the first time, and move from Tennessee to Alaska via road trip. It wowme to think about the adventures I’ve had, but I’m not ready to stop yet. I still yearn for more.

And those of us who haven’t traveled the world often seek out adventure right where we are – we go on road trips with friends, go climbing a mountain, go horseback riding or cliff jumping or to a Zumba class.

Really, much of our lives can be viewed as a great adventure, if we have the right perspective. Emily Freeman, in A Million Little Ways, writes about approaching each day with wonder and expectancy, living present and “fully alive” in every moment. She writes:

“We try to pack more meaning in the ends and beginnings, but I wonder if the Lord sees them all the same? A daughter’s moment of birth bursts with the same amount of blessings as a Thursday afternoon six years later when she comes home from school and plops her bag on the floor. Isn’t the day we said ‘I do’ filled with the same wonder as ten years later when we pass the beans and biscuits around our Kmart table? Isn’t the 22nd day of kindergarten equally as monumental as the first and 76th and the last? Because in each of these days, we live and move and are.” 

Maybe there is wonder and adventure in your life right now that you haven’t even recognized? I truly hope you get the chance to travel and see the world, but even now, what’s the big adventure God has you on, possibly hidden in the everyday?

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