I’m an introvert. Statistics say probably 50% of you reading this are, too. And let’s all be honest here – we introverts really enjoy our alone time, do we not?

True as that may be, there is something in all of us, extroverts and introverts alike, that needs a connection with other humans. Granted, some of us are content to go longer
stretches of time between social connections, but eventually, we need people, too.

Maybe it’s because we were created in the image of a Perfect Fellowship (the Trinity), created for relationship:

“Then the LORD God said, ‘It is not good that the man should be alone.'”  Genesis 2:18

As women, it seems that we search for points of connection in commonalities – we love finding things in common with other women, something we can talk about, someone who understands what we are experiencing. This might be with our real-life friends or with strangers on an online forum… anything from favorite TV shows and foods, to mutual people we knew from high school, to weird things about your period, to wondering if your husband is normal.

There is connection in the “Me, too!”


It’s important to us to know that the people we consider friends are there, available when we need that point of connection. Whether they’re in the next room, you’ll see them at class tomorrow, they’re a phone call or text away, or they only live in your Facebook group, what matters is that you are there for them and they are there for you.

Because introvert or extrovert… we need meaningful connections with people in our lives.


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