First Friday Favorites is a new monthly post I’ve started this year, where I tell you about my current “favorites” of some thing or another. In case you missed the first two, here they are…

January – Favorite Christmas Gifts
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On this First Friday, I’m excited to show you some of my favorite thrift store clothing pieces! Lately, since hubby and I are on a somewhat limited budget, I’ve been doing most of my clothes shopping at thrift or consignment stores.

Also, the only clothing stores here in our little town are Fred Meyer (like WalMart), specialty outdoors shops, and – you got it – secondhand stores. So I don’t have many options!

I used to be fairly skeptical about secondhand clothing, but I really love some of the pieces I’ve found! So I want to show you some of my faves.

Who knows, maybe you’ll find some outfit inspiration, too! Hey, if Ashley can pull that look off, I can too! Or otherwise, Wow, Ashley really can’t pull that look off either; now I don’t feel so bad. Whichever you think is fine 🙂

Thrift Outfits.jpg


Outfit #1:  This tunic-length flannel pullover came from a local thrift shop called “Juneau Treasures.” I love how relaxed and comfy it is! Also, let’s be honest, in reality I would be wearing those folded-down XtraTuf boots with every single one of these outfits, because that’s just how Alaskans rock it. But I changed shoes just for y’all.

Outfit #2:  That gray-striped shirt is my most recent purchase from Darby’s Dresses. Have you discovered Darby yet?! If not, check out the link and join her Facebook group. Darby buys adorable, feminine clothing from upscale secondhand stores, then resells them on her Facebook group, all for $20 or less.

Outfit #3:  I’m really starting to love tunics / skirts and leggings these days. It’s cute, versatile, and SO much more comfy than the old standard jeans! This pink dress and the scarf are both secondhand items!

Outfit #4:  Another Darby’s Dresses purchase, the green shirt is actually a maternity top, believe it or not! Hopefully I’ll be able to use it for that purpose someday, but for now I can wear it anyway. Just a reminder to keep your options open for something you might not normally buy!

Outfit #5:  Speaking of things I normally wouldn’t buy, this is the first open-back shirt I’ve ever owned! I was a little leery of it when I first spotted it on the thrift store rack, but it was so cute, I had to give it a chance. This bright, fun little skirt also came from a local consignment shop.


Your turn:  Do you ever buy clothing secondhand? What’s your favorite thrifty find? 

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  1. Ashley, You look so pretty in all of those outfits! Great finds!

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